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The Nature of Hospitality

In Andros, one of the most beautiful and special islands of the Cyclades, Antigoni Villas invites you to discover the essence of authentic Greek hospitality in a natural and luxurious environment, overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean.

Let time move slower and immerse yourself in the magic world of Antigoni Villas


Antigoni Villas

Let time move slower and immerse yourself in the magic world of Antigoni Villas

Antigoni Villas consists of 6 self-contained villas, each uniquely constructed to meet the highest standards of hospitality.

With respect to the natural landscape, local stone was used in a Cycladic design and each villa is surrounded by the unique beauty of Andros.

The man who dreamed up and created these villas, Antigone, has borrowed her name from a very important character in Greek Mythology. For this reason we have named all the buildings after well-known mythological characters in order to inspire you to get to know this magical heritage.

Each villa tells a different story waiting to be discovered.


On an area of 15,000 sq.m we have created 6 independent villas, which will become your new home in Andros. For this summer, for next Easter and for every time you want the ultimate escape, just 2 hours from Athens.

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This is Andros from a local’s point of view.


“We built these houses, here in Agios Petros, as if they were our principal residences with great passion, love for our island and respect for the environment that embraces us. We chose this location as we believe it to be one of the most blessed in Andros, with a pristine beach, a small hill with unobstructed views, traditional Cycladic scenery and a wonderful sweet breeze that combined with the bright Greek sun creates dreamy memories. Welcome to our home! “

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The proximity of Andros to Athens, just 2 hours by boat, combined with the natural beauty of the island, make Andros an ideal destination for all seasons of the year.