Andros proximity to Athens, just a 2-hour ferry ride, along with its natural beauty makes it the ideal destination all year long. A natural landscape with virgin beaches, picturesque villages, deep cultural heritage and mountains with rich vegetation are just some of Andros’ treasures.

The Island

One of the most vivid places of Andros, is Chora. It’s cosmopolitan aura will inspire you to stroll around and discover the glorious past of the island as well as the cultural future. Do not miss to visit the world-known Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art , as well as the Nautical Museum which is located in the square of the Unknown Sailor and of course to photograph the iconic lighthouse Tourlitis, which was the first Greek automatic lighthouse and it is considered as one of the most beautiful worldwide. In the old harbor of Chora, you will also find Panagia Thalassini , a small chapel on the rock, the most typical church of Andros.

The best thing that a visitor can do to really feel like a local is to take part at one of the island’s festivals and feasts. Andros organise a variety of festivities most of which are religion or culture related. It is a great opportunity to taste local food specialties, enjoy live greek music, discover less known villages, get to know their traditions and dance with the crowd until the morning hours. Some of the most notable feasts in Andros are:

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Besides the sandy beaches and the local cultural festivities, Andros has so much to offer. One of the few islands in Cyclades with a rich fauna and flora, thanks to its lush green hillsides and beautiful flowing rivers. Andros shows nature at its best as it is an island for all seasons.

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Andros, with ancient pathways and more than
300km of footpaths. Local groups of volunteers and hiking enthusiasts have restored and marked
170km of hiking routes, offering you an excellent opportunity to discover Andros’ best surprises such as waterfalls and ancient terraces in just one day.

Sea is the place to be during most summer days and besides swimming and sunbathing, Andros offers a variety of sea activities like snorkelling, sea sports and sailing. Explore the great Aegean sea in any way you feel like and plan the perfect day at the beach.

Mediterranean cuisine and especially Greek food is known worldwide for its delicious taste and health benefits.
Andros showcases a plethora of local products to explore both in taste as well as production. Visit traditional local taverns and restaurants, most of them in dreamy locations, and don’t forget to find shops or workshops to buy local products and take back home your memories from Andros.

Do you imagine yourself experiencing the magic of Andros in one of these beaches, eating local treats during a festival or hiking through the lush Aegean nature?